Task Oriented Movement Training for young children

A practical online handbook for occupational and physical therapists 

Principles of TOMT&T for children 

Introduction to task analysis and the integrated T-I-E approach
How to motivate a reluctant child 

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Training activities for strength, coordination and endurance 

General principles for strength training

Trunk strength and stability 

Upper extremity activities

Hand tasks  

Locomotor and other LE activities 


Patterns of restricted flexibility and impact on task performance  Hip     Knee    Ankle and foot    Hypermobile hands   Elbow and shoulder   Shoulder control and ROM for handwriting

Assessment  Assessment of LE flexibility (with normative values)

Active mobilization   Techniques with video demonstrations 

Active stretching   Exercises with PDF instructions for parents and teachers 

Programmes: task analysis, assessment and intervention 

Training sitting for working at a table 
1   Overview: analysis of sitting erect and common difficulties children may have 
2   Assessment of a child who has difficulty sitting erect for table top work 
3   Activities for improving flexibility and training head and trunk stability (with PDF handout for parents and teachers)

Navigating a space: ​walking without bumping or falling 
Task analysis, assessment and intervention suggestions 

Reach to grasp and shoulder movements for drawing when sitting at a table
Difficulties children have with shoulder movement for drawing and hand writing 
Crossing the midline is a matter of motor planning 
Toddler threading beads: how different sitting positions influence trunk and shoulder movements 
Pouring water from a bottle into a cup: adaptation of movement pattern to lift a heavy bottle. 

Fundamental movement tasks: training activities 

Sitting up from lying   Sitting up from lying 

Stand up and sit down  Standing up and sitting down 

Stepping up and stairs   Analysis of stepping up   Stepping up training activities  

Stepping down and descending stairs  Stepping a step 

Standing on one leg  Standing on one leg 

Hopping  Hopping 

Running   Running difficulties      Improving running style 

Challenging some common assumptions and beliefs 

Poor balance is not a "thing"
Core stability is a very misused concept 
Crossing the midline tests: choice of hand depends on task and context 
A critique of the bilateral motor coordination tests 
Gravitational insecurity or a fearful temperament (BI)?

Hand tasks 

Hypermobility and hand function   How hypermobility affects hand function

Grips for everyday function  Overview of grips used in everyday function

Pencil grip and finger movements  Pencil grip and finger movements

Everyday tasks - analysis 

Cutting with scissors  Task analysis and training suggestions - with video clips 

Putting on socks   Different ages and abilities: video analysis