SfA Fitness and Coordination On-line Training Guide

Activities for training coordination and fitness 

Moving on from a diagnosis of low muscle tone/DCD/dyspraxia/joint hypermobility

A set of articles that you can download 

Start today. Make a plan

Getting started. Make a plan
Setting goals using every routines 
Does my child have tight muscles? 

Effective coaching: tips for training

How to motivate a reluctant child
Children with DCD need help learning new skills
How to improve muscle strength and power
How and when to stretch
How children learn a new skill: climbing into cardboard box

Exercises for strength and flexibility 

With links to PDF downloads (where available) 
Stretching exercises 
Trunk and neck strength
Leg strength and agility
Arm strength 

Mindfulness training for attention and emotion regulation

Mindfulness activities with PDF download. 

Painful joints and muscles 

Understanding pain in joint hypermobility and EDS
Does my child have tight muscles?
Strength training for painful legs
Gentle stretches for night pain in legs

Training ball skills 

How to help children acquire basic ball catching, hitting, kicking and throwing skills
Why ball skills training is important 
Learning to catch a rolled ball
Catching a beanbag
Learning to catch a soccer sized ball
Training kicking skills in young children
Throwing and catching a large ball in standing
Standing ball and stick game 

Hand activities for strength and coordination

Different tasks use different grasps All the different grasps used in everyday activities 
Graded activities for training scissor cutting 
Unscrewing and replacing screw top lids 

Training sitting 

What is needed for sitting erect with ease and comfort? 
Program of exercises for training sitting for working at a table 

Balance and agility 

Hip and knee fitness program 
Flat feet. Not just a foot problem
Training foot strength and coordination 

Standing on one leg challenge
Why children trip and fall 
Walking without bumping and tripping

Walking and running fitness (including in-toeing and toe walking)

Program of stretching and balance exercises for children who walk on their toes
Exercises for improving in-toeing gait
Walking without bumping and tripping
Training for walking fitness: stretching and strengthening exercises 
Starting a walking fitness program
Everyday opportunities for training fitness 
How to improve running 
Exercises for improving running 


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