Reach-to-grasp and shoulder movements for drawing

Information and a set of video clips that illustrate the development of reach-to-grasp  movement needed for object manipulation and tool use, and shoulder control for drawing. 

Shoulder Movements for Drawing Long Lines 
In this video I demonstrate the shoulder-elbow movements used to draw long lines in different directions. The importance of keeping a steady and straight wrist, with the end of the markers pointing past the shoulder is emphasized. 

shoulder 1.jpg

Reach, grasp, lift and pour 
Observe the way a young child combines shoulder and trunk movements to lift and pour from a heavy bottle of water. 

L 4y9m puoring 4.jpg


Development of reach-to-grasp 

Crossing the midline tests: choice of hand depends on task and context 

Videos and analysis
3-4 years 

Toddler threading beads: how different sitting positions influence trunk and shoulder movements

Shoulder movements for drawing and handwriting 

Shoulder movements for drawing and handwriting 

Difficulties children have with shoulder movements for drawing and handwriting